Learning To Stop Being My Own Naysayer


The hardest part about looking for my life’s passion is that I have no idea where to look or what I am even looking for. All I know is that I want to find deeper meaning in my life with what I do for work, and in my personal time. Obviously I get random ideas, this last weekend I was on the chair lift at Big Bear and an instructor there informed that they are always looking for part-time instructors. And I was tempted, but for every idea that pops in my head, there are usually three reasons waiting for me on why it can’t be done. Whether it is toying with the idea of going back to being a ski instructor (hello three hour commute) to completely changing career fields and becoming a recruiter, I catch myself shutting these ideas down before I ever mentally explore them. In this process of self-discovery, I cannot let the voice between my ears get in the way, so I resolve to do the following:

1. Recognize when I am getting in my own way, and STOP.

2. Write down every idea as it presents itself, that way if I try and shoo an idea away, it has a chance to be referenced later and mulled over.

3. For every reason I come up as to why I shouldn’t do something, find a reason why I should. Give a fair and balanced voice to the ideas as they come.

2014 is the year of change, but change can only come from wanting change and letting it in.